3 Presentation Tips To Make Finger Food Look Gourmet

Read on for our ‘3 Presentation Tips To Make Finger Food Look Gourmet’

These days more and more people are trying to pull off parties and events with firm budgets in place. Let’s face it, everything is more expensive than it used to be but no one wants to stop entertaining. So what can you do to make your simple finger foods look gourmet?

Here are presentation tips you can use to make your finger foods look gourmet:

1. Serving Platters Matter

The first technique that you can use to make your finger foods look a lot fancier is to present them on a beautiful serving platter. Silver looking platters can go a long way in dressing up a table.

If you can find one of those three-tiered serving dishes then you have instantly found the key to a richer looking item. For example, cocktail frankfurts can look much more exquisite if they are served on the bottom tier, with sausage rolls on the middle tier and dipping sauces on the top tier. By serving your finger foods on a beautiful platter you can easily create a more palatable dish, which won’t cost a fortune.

2. Garnishes Are Grand

A second method to dressing up your plain dishes is to garnish them attractively. You an easily find instructions on how to create roses out of radishes or tomatoes. Place them in a pattern amidst your dishes and you have successfully given the illusion of a fancier finger food. Even little sprigs of parsley or rosemary are a good way to dress u your plain looking foods.

Breaking up a mundane plate with colour is like adding a bright tie or handkerchief to a plain coloured suit- it updates and draws attention to something that may otherwise be considered as ordinary.

There are many items you can use to create a striking garnish. Coloured sugar has a jeweled appearance and adds sparkle effort to a dish or citrus zest can infuse much needed colour to your finger food selection.

3. It’s In The Cut

The third way that you can make your ordinary run-of-the-mill finger food look more gourmet is in how you slice it. If you are stuck putting out fruits and vegetables all you need is a different cut.

Melons look pretty basic when it is cut into wedges or slices, but use a melon baller and arrange them in a bowl and they look much classier. Carrots that are sliced diagonally look different than the carrot sticks you serve a child. Buying or borrowing a mandolin is a fantastic idea as it cuts items uniformly and very thin. It may also be used to julienne.

Not matter what your budget is, you can use these three easy ways to add a touch of sophistication to your party and make your finger food look gourmet.

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