A Guide To Christmas Day Meal Options

Christmas is quickly sneaking up on us yet again, and soon we will be frantically running around, sending cards, buying presents and organising our Christmas day menu’s. The big clue here is to avoid leaving it to the last minute and start preparing early!

If you’ve ever been in charge of preparing a Christmas menu before you know how much work is involved and how stressful it can be, even if you consider yourself to be a culinary whiz. The truth is whether you are preparing your first Christmas day menu or your fortieth, taking a little bit of time to consider and organise your Christmas day menu now, can save you a lot of tears and heartache as the festive day approaches.

The great thing about Christmas in Australia is that the warm weather gives you any different options – you can choose to serve a more traditional meal which generally involves roasted vegetables and meat including, pork, chicken or turkey.

The other option you have, which has become more and more popular in recent years, is to serve cold salads with a selection of cold cuts, seafood or meat cooked on the BBQ. Choosing to incorporate cold meats into your Christmas menu gives you the advantage of being able to cook it ahead of time, which means you can enjoy your family and friends company rather than being stuck in the kitchen all morning slaving away.

If, however, you want the best of both worlds you are not alone! Many families choose to incorporate both options, often sitting down to a warm roast meal at lunch and sitting back and enjoying cold cut meats and salad at dinner.

A Christmas day meal is often ended with a sweet treat in the form of Christmas pudding with brandy custard or a piece of pavlova, topped with cream and a selection of fresh seasonal fruits.

If you are planning your Christmas menu, we have everything you need. Drop into our deli and butcher to order all your Christmas day needs.

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