Antipasto Seafood Platter Ideas

Antipasto Seafood Platter Ideas

If you’re looking to serve something other than cheeses and meats for your antipasto, serve up a antipasto seafood platter instead using gourmet marinated seafood. Antipasto platters are simple gourmet appetizers to kick-off any party. Read below for our platter ideas.



For your next event, why not put together an antipasto seafood platter with Segreti’s marinated king prawnsmussels and baby octopus, sundried tomatoes, anchovies,  pickled onions, roasted vegetables, Harris Smokehouse’s smoked salmon, cream cheese and a generous serve of crackers and baguette slices.

Don’t forget the condiments! Condiments are used to enhance the flavour of foods using sauces, butters and dressings. We have a range of perfect condiments for you antipasto seafood platter ranging from gourmet flavoured mayonnaise, creamy tangy dressings, basic tartare and cocktail sauces.

Need more seafood options? We have a whole freezer dedicated to the brilliantly tasty Noosa Seafood. They have a range of premade seafood meals such as Salmon Gyoza that would give a seafood platter that top-notch touch!

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