Baby Shower Finger Foods

Baby Shower Finger Food

Hosting a baby shower is an amazing privilege, the mummy-to-be obviously holds you in very high regard and trusts you completely. Needless to say, hosting a baby shower can involve a lot of work and the catering can end up costing more than you anticipated if you don’t plan ahead.

While chips and dip are a cheap option, and a party favourite, you will want to offer your guests something a little more special and suited to the baby shower theme.

Baby shower finger food is perfect – you can prepare it ahead of time, it’s easy to prepare, it’s cost effective and you can make them to incorporate your baby shower theme. Below we have listed some simple finger food ideas that you can serve at a baby shower.

Bread One of the easiest foods to serve is bread. Simply buy a couple of nice loaves of bruschetta bread and cut it into small slices. If you want, you can toast it and either butter or oil it right before the party. Serve with some cheese, marinated vegetables, meat, or delicious spreads including jams or chutney. You can also create labels for everything that you are serving with the bread so guests can easily determine what they want.

Pigs In Blankets These are always a party favourite and you can easily adapt them so they become ‘babies in blankets’. You can prepare these ahead of time so they are ready to go into the oven when your guests arrive. Serve with a selection of sauces.

Baby Carriage Fruit Bowl  You can create a baby carriage using a watermelon cut into the shape of a baby carriage and fill it with an array of freshly sliced fruits. This idea will require a little bit of creativity but is a great centerpiece to any baby shower table.

Cupcakes Or Cake Pops These are always a favourite at any party and can be easily adapted and decorated to suit your baby shower theme. To save money, opt to make the cupcakes or cake pops yourself.

Other Finger Food Favourites There are many other finger foods you can make to serve at the baby shower. They include finger sandwiches, pizza slices, cheese and crackers, dips (savoury and sweet), slices or muffins, mini quiches, spring rolls or rice paper rolls served with sweet chilli sauce, or cheesy spinach cob loaf dip. The list is endless!



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