Delicious Fruit And Cheese Combinations

If you are looking for a wonderful snack, or a tasty treat to offer guests then fruit and cheese is the perfect combination that will satisfy your taste buds and tick all of the right boxes. Fruit and cheese create a surprising and voluptuous combination as you explore it’s deep flavour and texture with every bite.

If you like a bite of variety you’ll love the myriad of options that teaming up fruit and cheese can offer you. Below are some delectable fruit and cheese duos that are sure to satisfy:

Ash Goat Cheese, Dried Apricots and Almonds – Ash goat cheese and almonds is one spectacular combo treat for the family. The cheese has a smooth texture and a mild creamy flavour. In addition to this, it’s distinct taste and appeal is noticeable when it has vine ash on it making it a perfect match for the sweetness of the dried apricots and the rich, wonderful and earthy flavour of roasted nuts.

Fresh Goat, Sheep Cheese and Fresh PeachesĀ  – The delicate fresh goat and sheep cheese is a perfect match for fresh peaches. These types of cheeses have a slight citrus flavour that contrast to the luscious taste of peaches. Hence, you will get a balance of two diverse yet delightful tastes.

Blue Cheese, Apples and Dried Fruits – Savour the sweetness brought about by blue cheese. This cheese is a perfect complement for the mild sweetness of apple. Dried fruits also go well with blue cheese.

Cheddar and PearĀ  – Cheddar is pretty much popular for pairing with fruits and other assortments. One of these delights that work well with cheddar cheese is with pears. It has a juicy sweet flesh that harmoniously counteracts the sharp taste of cheddar.

Smoked Cheese and Walnuts – Smoked cheese comes in a variety of brands and flavours. Stretch the smile of your loved ones with the combination of the delicate and fresh milky taste of smoked cheese matched with walnuts. These nuts are just simply perfect with smoked cheese because of their salty taste.

Hard Cheese and Spiced Nuts – Hard cheese is one popular kind of dairy product. It’s nutty and buttery flavour is brought out by your senses when matched with spiced nuts and vegetables making it a combination that is difficult to deny.

Finding The Right Combination

As with everything, finding the perfect pairing for your favourite cheese comes down to your own preference, but the cheese and fruit combo offers truly amazing and wonderful exploration of flavours.

If you are still unsure about what to team your favourite cheese with, our helpful deli staff would be more than happy to offer a few suggestions.




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