Easter Entertaining Ideas

Easter is upon us yet again which gives us another opportunity to host a get together with family and friends over the long weekend. Much like Christmas, the thought of Easter Entertaining can be frightening. Let Simon’s take the pressure off you, read on for our Easter Entertaining Ideas.

Planning ahead is the best way to get on top of your Easter entertaining. A great starting point is to get out a pen and paper then read through this post, making a list of ideas of what you’d like on your Easter menu to include and also what you don’t want to do. For example, why not skip lunch and have a brunch instead. You can begin cooking the day before the event and still have the morning of, for preparation, leaving the afternoon free for relaxation. If lunch is more your thing, why not make it a late laid back BBQ.

Good Friday is the one day of the year where seafood is a must-have, with even many non -religious people, preferring not to eat red meat and settling on seafood instead. Who can blame you? There is nothing better than salt and pepper squid, creamy garlic prawns or crispy skin salmon! Having seafood does require some planning though as a majority of stores are closed Good Friday. Be sure to check out Simon’s range of Seafood, such as Noosa Seafood, Harris Smokehouse Salmon and Segreti’s Seafood Antipasto range.

Easter is well known for it’s sweet treats. Easter eggs, chocolate bilbies and hot cross buns, what more could the kiddies ask for?! Simon’s has an amazing Easter egg display, be sure to check in when you are next in store as the display begins early and is best-in-best-egg!

Easter Sunday is fast becoming the traditional family feast over roast lamb. Why not give this Easter Sunday a twist, try BBQ grilled lamb chops or slow cooked lamb shanks. Which then brings us to Easter sides! Yummy lemon roasted potatoes, garlic rosemary sweet potatoes or dutch carrots marinated in honey, there is a endless amount of ideas for salads or vegetables for side dishes this Easter.

We hope we have taken some pressure off you and helped you begin your Easter Entertaining Ideas.

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