Fast and Easy Recipes: How to Make Easy Fruit Kebabs


Fruit kebabs are a great addition to any party (a big bonus if you have a chocolate fondue maker) and are conveniently handy to bring along to picnics too! Here’s one of our fast and easy recipes to try out for your next picnic or outdoor event (p.s. we reckon these fruit kebabs are a great way to get the kids to eat more fruit at parties!).



What you’ll need

Your favourite fruits
Wooden skewers



#1 Cut honeydew, rockmelon, strawberry and watermelon to bite-sized pieces.
Tip: To save time on prepping, pick up our fruit snack packs, available at our Chapel Hill store

#2 Skewer fruit pieces
Tip: Be sure to use a piece of rockmelon or honeydew first for the base of your fruit kebab as the watermelon will give way and split under the weight of the other fruit pieces—a lesson we learnt while taking photos of the fruit kebabs!

#3 To display, place in a glass jar or skewer the ends through a halved pineapple or watermelon. To take-away, just place in zip-lock bags or in a container


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