Finger Food For Parties

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an engagement, buying a new house or simply catching up with friends, parties are always fun! When it comes to parties, food always plays an important role and should never be a side thought that’s left to the last minute.

While chips and dips are a party favourite, sometimes you may want to offer your guests something a little more special. However, if you’re hosting a party the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away in the kitchen while everyone is kicking back and socialising. This is where finger foods come in.

Finger foods are small portions of food that can be eaten while guests chat and mingle, and they can often be prepared in advance which means you really can be the ‘host with the most’.

When planning which foods to serve, it’s important to consider the occasion that you’re celebrating. For example, a delectable cheese and fruit platter or a canape platter that can be enjoyed with a lovely win may be best suited to more formal or intimate events.

If you are planning for a larger, or more laid back get together, then you can serve a wide range of finger foods. Think kebabs, pizzas, brushetta, sandwiches, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, cold cuts, dips, mini pastries. You can also serve a delicious range of small desserts, such as muffins, slice or biscuits, to cater to your guests with a sweet tooth.

When it comes to a larger get together, the trick is to select a range of foods that you can prepare large batches before the party begins, and mix up the selection between hot and cold finger foods.

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