Free Range Butcher

When it comes to food, natural is always best but these days even ‘natural’ food can be deceiving. Many meat products nowadays are filled with growth hormones and steroids, and the animals are subjected to the most horrendous living conditions you could think of.

At Simon’s we understand the importance of good quality produce and know that when it comes to eating and feeding your family, natural is always best. That is why our butchers work with meat of the finest quality – no scary surprises, no hidden hormones just good quality, and tasty meat which you and your family can enjoy.

A selection of our poultry and beef is sourced from two of the best suppliers in Australia, Lilydale Chickens and Barcoo Beef. Both Lilydale and Barcoo Beef are recognised as premium suppliers, meeting the highest stands of possible and priding themselves on their free range products.

Lilydale are dedicated to farming free range chickens, ensuring that they are free from hormones and growth promoters. They provide their chickens with the best possible living conditions, even ensuring that the range areas where chickens roam are free from pesticides or chemical sprays. Lilydale works hard to maintain their high standards and all their farms are fully accredited by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA)

Barcoo Beef are dedicated to farming free range beef, placing a deep importance in the well-being of their livestock . They provide their cattle with the best living conditions possible, allowing them to roam their natural environment freely, while grazing on silage and grains. Barcoo Beef work hard to maintain high standards resulting in all of their products being certified by Meat Standards Australia’s grading systems. Recognised as a premium MSA approved brand, Barcoo Beef is first choice for many people within the retail and food industry, based on their devotion to quality and food safety.


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