General Cooking Tips and Hints

Do you ever find yourself, ripping out recipes from magazines, to then not cook any as you’re afraid you ‘don’t have the time’ or ‘surely will muck it up’? There are a few general cooking tips and hints which can get you started to cooking more recipes and build your confidence in the kitchen.

Menu Planning. It’s beginning of the week, you’ve had a big day and you are already tempted to call your local take-away. This can happen to the best of people but with a meal menu plan for the week ahead, it can get most of us on track and organised for the nights ahead.

Don’t aim to high. Great quality produce speaks for itself so during the week, keep it simple. Don’t try a recipe you’ve never cooked before. Save those for a Sunday lunch or dinner when you’re relaxed and will enjoy the process.

Prepare before you begin. It sounds so simple but alot of us simply miss this step and then get ourselves worked up during cooking. Preparing your ingredients by having them on the bench, pre-cutting your vegetables and preheating the oven, are all simple things that even the most qualified chefs do.

Clean as you go. Yes it may feel like a drag, tidying up after every step that you take in a recipe but it’s a far lot better than being midway recipe, looking around at your kitchen thinking, ‘a bomb has just gone off and I don’t know what to do now’. Plus, take it from us, the more you do this simple step, it becomes a habit you won’t even realise you’re doing!

Make Errors. Yes, we said it! Make some mistakes and errors because we doubt anyone has perfected that recipe first go. What we need to do is learn from those mistakes and you’ll become a better cook!

Enjoy it! Do you prefer to cook on your own or with your partner? Does including the kids make you feel more confident in the kitchen? Or perhaps listening to your favourite music will have you enjoy the cooking process more? Think of these things. Cooking is a great and fun process. It can be your let-your-hair-down after the day routine.


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