How To Arrange Flowers

How To Arrange Flowers

Do you get bored with buying a bunch of flowers and just putting them into the same old vase to have them die just a day later? Read on for our tips for love, care and arrangement tips to get the most out of a bunch of flowers.

Flower Care

1. Strip leaves from the bottom of the bunch that is to be submerged in the water.

2. Trim 1-2cm from the bottom of the stems on a 45 degree angle.

3. Ensure the water is always clean; changing water every 2/3 days.

4. Keep flowers away from heat if possible, the cooler the room the better.

Colour Coded

1. Modern Classic – Give the simplicity of white blooms and green foliage that modern touch by presenting them in a bright coloured vase.

2. Sweet Mixture – Mix three species of flowers in one similar colour shade, like pink! Each flower will enhance the other with the soft yet strong colour points.

3. Daring – Want instant drama? Why not place a brightly coloured arrangement in a simple vase on a feature wall. Sunflowers on a dark navy wall will surely give you a fresh but bold statement.


1. Entrance/Foyer Flowers – Make an impression with large stem flowers in a tall vase. We love Gladiolus and Sunflowers.

2. Dining Room Flowers – For an easy table decoration use three different sized vases on a table-runner or place-mat. Place fresh flowers in vases & surround with greenery.

3. Kitchen Flowers – You don’t always have to use a vase to present your flowers. Why not use an antique teapot or old water jug for a loosely flower bunch.

4. Bedroom Flowers – Some people shy away from having flowers in the bedroom but it adds that simple elegance that we cannot go past! Try a small round glass vase with Peonies, Roses or Freesias.

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