How to Buy and Store Mangoes


It’s the beginning of the mango season and we’re stocking our Fruit & Veg section with Kensington Pride mangoes. The Kensington Pride is said to be the tastiest of Australian mangoes, and we couldn’t agree more! The Kensington Pride is a medium sized mango and is yellow in colour with a tinge of orange or pink when ripe.


How to Buy Mangoes

When buying mangoes, choose them by their scent; ripe mangoes give out a fresh and fruity aroma. To ripen your mango at home, place it on your kitchen bench, out of direct sunlight and leave it for a few days until it ripens. Once the fruit has ripen, you can chill it or freeze it to prolong its storage life.


How to Store Mangos

Never refrigerate a mango that is not ripe, nor keep a mango in plastic bags (paper bags are okay for the ripening process) as the fruit needs to breath!


Cooking with Mangoes

Mangoes can be eaten as-is, or added to your favourite desserts–ice-cream, sorbet, yoghurt, or fruit salad–the options are endless! For something more savoury, think classic Thai dishes and go from there…basil, coconut, lemongrass, chilli, palm sugar, mint, coriander, prawns and chicken. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Visualise of the lovely colour and flavour the mangoes will bring to your dish…and let your culinary creativity flow!

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