How to cook perfect boiled eggs

 Simon’s guide on how to cook perfect boiled eggs

Following up from last week’s how-to eggs series, this week we’re back in the kitchen with Chef Luis from Kylie’s Kitchen at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery in Chapel Hill. Chef Luis makes all the delicious café meals and Take Home Meals at Simon’s. This week, he’ll show us how to cook perfect boiled eggs.


Steps to cooking the perfect boiled egg:

Bring a pot of water to boil. Once the water is boiling rapidly, add fresh organic eggs (eggs must be at room temperature, and not straight out of the fridge —  otherwise the eggs will crack instantly). When cooking at Simon’s, Chef Luis only uses organic eggs because their yolks are noticeably more yellow, firmer, and taste better than the yolks in caged eggs.

Add room temperature eggs to rapid boiling water

It’s all about timing! Time from the moment you add the eggs into the boiling water. If you like boiled eggs with soft yolks, boil the eggs for exactly 9 minutes. But if you like firm yolks, boil the eggs for exactly 11 minutes. Boiling the eggs for 15 minutes or more will make it difficult to peel off the eggs shells.

11* minutes for hard boiled eggs

9* minutes for soft boiled eggs

Remove eggs from the pot and peel the eggs straight away. Delaying this process will make it difficult to peel the eggs once they have cooled down to room temperature. But if you’re planning to eat the eggs later, cold shock the unpeeled eggs by placing them in iced water to make them easier to de-shell later on.

// *Please note that cooking times may vary depending on the type of cooking utensils and environment

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