Party Platters For Every Occasion

It’s party time! What will you do for food? You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is mingling and having fun. Party platters are a great option that allows you to prepare the food before the party begins, so you don’t miss a thing!

There are many things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to party platters. The most important things you need to consider when creating your party platter is the arrangement, style and taste. You want your party platters to be appealing to the eye but also to taste delicious.

It also doesn’t hurt to get a little bit creative and to have a few different types of platters available for guests to nibble on throughout the party. Below are some popular party platter ideas.

Meat Platters – Meat platters tend to be a popular choice with party guests, especially if you’re offering a wide range of options. A meat platter is generally composed of salami, chicken, thinly sliced ham and roast beef, however it can also include other types of meats.

When it comes to designing a meat platter, you can customise the way it looks by arranging the meat in a way that it looks by arranging the meat in a way that is appealing to you and your guests. You may even chose to roll your meat into a cigar-like design and stick a toothpick through it, making it bite-sized and easier to eat.

You can add complimentary sides to your meat platter including cheese, fruit, dips or sauces that will be sure to please your party guests palate.

Fruit Platters – Fruit platters are another popular party choice because they offer a healthy alternative to the regular party food and the vibrant mix of colours makes them visually stimulating.

It’s important when designing a fruit platter that you offer guests a range of fruits to choose from, and to present them in a way that not only visually pleasing, but also allows guests to easily takes pieces of fruit from the platter. You can serve your fruit platter with a nice creamy dip.

Sandwich Platters – You can get really creative when it comes to sandwich platters, offering the usual yet delicious sandwich combinations. Be sure to use a range of ingredients including various meats, vegetables, and cheeses so you create a bright and eye-catching platter. Cut your sandwiches into triangles or squares and arrange them neatly so they are easily devoured by your party guests.

TheseĀ  are only a few party platter ideas. Come in and see us to get many more great party food ideas. If you are short on time, we can create the perfect party platters for any occasion!



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