Simon’s Basic Ingredients for French-style Cooking

In this post we’ll be featuring some of the classic ingredients in French-style cooking as well as our own homemade products with a French twist.

French Cuts from the Butchers

Fillet Mignon

French for Dainty Fillet, the fillet mignon is a beautiful beef eye fillet steak wrapped with bacon, seasoned with pepper and mild mustard and is one of Simon’s favourite easy dinner meals.

Cooking tips from our friendly butchers:
Bake for 30 – 35 minutes (medium-rare) at 180°C (conventional oven) or 160°C (fan-forced)
Serve with a side of Simon’s garlic & rosemary sweet potato chips.

Chicken Mignon

Hormone-free boneless chicken wrapped in bacon, marinated in a homemade garlic butter marinade.

Pork Cutlets


Slow cook with your favourite vegetables in a sherry wine reduction or pan-fry in butter and drizzle with your own homemade mustard sauce or creamy, bearnaise sauce.

Top 3 Fruit & Veg Must-haves for French Cooking:

#1 Brush Potatoes


A must-have in classic French dishes. Create a potato, leek and bacon casserole with béarnaise sauce and your favourite cheeses.

#2 Mushrooms

To cook perfectly sautéed mushrooms, use the 2:1 ratio for butter and olive oil. Remember not to overcrowd the pan to avoid the mushrooms from stewing instead of browning.

#3 Leeks

Use leeks as a base for soups. For a creamy and hearty alternative, create a potato, leek and blue cheese soup.

French Finds in the Deli Aisles

Béarnaise Sauce

Derived from hollandaise sauce, the béarnaise sauce has a touch of tarragon and is divine on meats, vegetables, sandwiches and poached eggs.

Chatel Red Wine Vinegar & Sherry Vinegar

Chatel uses only the finest red wine to produce its red wine vinegar, which is aged in wood, giving it a superior quality compared to cheap red wine vinegars. The difference in quality is eminent in the final dish. Sherry vinegar is said to have a sweeter taste compared to red wine vinegar. Both red wine vinegar and sherry vinegar are great for making vinaigrettes, sauces, stews, deglazing onions for French onion soup and as a healthy substitute for creamy salad dressings.


Whole Duck Foie Gras

Produced by one of the leading companies in Foie Gras, Labeyrie, based in the South West of France, the whole duck Foie Gras is produced based on a combination of both evolutionary preserving techniques and respect of traditions. Foie Gras can be eaten on its own, in sandwiches (cut foie gras to about 1cm-thick), on toast, or cubed and added to salads or sauce-less (e.g. olive oil-based) pasta. Best paired sweet condiments such as fig jam and fruit paste.

Simon’s Favourite French Cheeses

#1 French Brie
#2 Buche D’Affinois
#3 Simon’s Select Camembert

To find out the best ways prepare and present a cheese platter, check out tips straight from our deli here and here.

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