Simon’s Guide To Roast Meat

A roast dinner is the perfect meal during Autumn, Winter or just on a Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the easiest cooking methods, just popping it into the oven and letting it do the work for you. We’ve put together our ‘Simon’s Guide To Roast Meat’ for steps and suggested cuts to help you out.


1. Preheating the oven allows for the all important first browning.

2. Place roast meat on a rack in a roasting dish, doing this raises the meat allowing the heat to circulate and brown the meat evenly.

3. Brush lightly with oil, and for extra tenderness, add a cup of water or liquid stock to the bottom of the roasting dish.

4. Add herbs, spices and sauces; such as rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, chilli, salt, pepper, mustard or lemon.

5. Our suggested cuts of meat for roasting; Beef – ribeye, rump, sirloin, rib roast, silverside, blade, eye round, oyster blade. Veal – rack, rump, shoulder, breast. Lamb – backstrap, topside, rump, rack, rib roast, loin, leg, shoulder. Pork – loin chops, rack, rolled loin, rolled belly, leg, shoulder, loin, topside. Depending on which meat you are roasting, speak to our friendly butchers for recommended cooking times.

6. Rest the roast by covering it loosely with foil for 10minutes, allowing the juices to settle and flow back through the meat, giving it a tasty tender taste.

Hot Tip! We also love cooking our vegetables underneath the meat, picking up the delicious juices from meat.

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