Something Fishy Is Going On At Simon’s; Noosa Seafood Market

Something Fishy Is Going On At Simon’s; Noosa Seafood Market

It’s no big secret that healthy eating can generate a healthy body. It’s been a known fact for many years that what we eat can have a great effect on our weight control, heart health, immunity levels and our general bodily functions.

Though there isn’t a ‘super food’ that can make us healthy all on it’s own, including more seafood into our weekly eating plan is one sure fire way to improve our diets, and our health. For a start, seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which assist heart health and circulation within the body. Seafood is also a great source of protein, perfect for sustaining muscle and tissue health.

You may think that including more seafood into your diet is near impossible due to the fact that you have limited access to fresh produce, and frozen seafood just doesn’t seem all that appealing. Right?

Well think again, because at Simon’s we have your seafood needs covered thanks to our friends at Noosa Seafood Market and their range of high quality frozen seafood. Don’t let the word ‘frozen’ fool you, it tastes just as good as fresh seafood and our customers who have tried it, love it!

Noosa Seafood Market have been in the seafood game for 35 years, much to the delight of Noosa’s locals. They serve up only the best seafood and try to source locally where they can. Their gourmet frozen seafood range has been causing quite a stir around town (for all the right reasons) and our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the taste, quality and the price of the products they have tried.

Noosa Seafood Market’s range is extensive, offering not only seafood products but also a variety of to-die-for sauces and pre-made seafood meals, so you’ll be sure to find something to tempt your tastebuds with.

We currently stock the following products in our deli:

  • Seafood*: Atlantic Salmon, Australian Prawn Meat, Crumbed Calamari, Gold Band Snapper, Red Emperor, Whiting Fillets and Barramundi
  • Sauces*: Green Curry Sauce (delicious with the prawn meat), Penang Curry Sauce (perfect when paired with the Barramundi), Red Curry Sauce and Yellow Curry Sauce (goes well with prawns or fish)
  • Premade Seafood Meals*: Pork & Crab Shu Mai, Chilli Crab Soup, Salmon Gyoza, Salmon Risotto Cakes, Thai Fish Cakes, Scallop & Prawn Ravioli and Seafood Chowder.

*Subject to availability

The Noosa Seafood freezer at our Chapel Hill store

The Noosa Seafood freezer at our Chapel Hill store



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