Tips For Cooking Soup

For us, nothing beats eating soup during Winter. Cooking soup during the cooler nights is perfect as it warms the home and yourself at dinner, not to mention there is soups for all tastes, are filling and nutritious. Here are some of our tips for cooking soup.

Using a good quality stock is the foundation of a delicious soup. We love making our own stock however time isn’t always on our side and taking a shortcut is handy. Simon’s sells gourmet quality stocks that are sure to be the perfect liquid for your soup.

Consider cooking times of your ingredients. Peas, corns and beans will cook faster than a carrot or potato. Stagger your cooking times in order for the best finished result for all ingredients.

Keep an eye on cooking times. Once the pot has boiled, lower heat to a simmer. If you let the soup boil to long, it’ll make vegetables soft and mushy, as well as make meat tough and chewy.

Secret tricks, there are some tricks that people have that might that homemade soup just alittle more flavoursome. Our two tips, pop a a Parmesan cheese rind into your soup can be very delightful, or roast a clove of garlic then add to your boiling soup for a deep scrumptious flavour.

Serve it right. Serving in a bowl at the right temperature with a piece of crusty bread and the perfect garnish on top, can make or break soup. Think past parsley and cracker pepper by adding a contrast flavour or textures. Our favourites; smooth sour cream on chunky pumpkin soup, or salty chopped prosciutto on sweet potato soup.

Soups freeze well so double your recipe and store a meal in the freezer for next time. Be sure to let the soup chill in the fridge overnight before freezing.

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