Tips For Cooking Steak

We have alot of customers asking our butchers ‘How To Cook The Perfect Steak’ however everyone has their preferred way of eating it. Catering for all methods whether it be rare, medium or well-done, read on for our tips for cooking ‘melt in the mouth’ steak.


1. Our most important tip is to start with a good quality cut of meat. A poorly cooked cut of quality steak will still taste better than a low quality cut of meat cooked well trust us. Talk to our butchers for advice on our favourite cuts of beef for either the BBQ or panfry.

2. Take the steak out of the fridge to rest for at least 5-10 minutes before cooking. This allows the muscles to relax, cook evenly and avoids the beef tightening and getting tough.

3. Lightly season your steak. We also like to lightly brush the steak with oil to prevent your steak from sticking and burning.

4. Heat the BBQ or pan first so that it’s hot, but not smoking. Adding your steak to a hot plate will seal and lock in the juices. When you place your steak on the pan, you should hear a sizzle.

5. Turn the steak only once. Turning it anymore will dry out the steak, making it tough.

6. Steak Cooking Times; depending on the size of your steak. Rare, cook 1-2minutes per side. Medium, 3minutes per side. Well-done, 4-4.5minutes per side. A good indication as to whether your steak is ready is by using the tongs to press the centre of the steak. It will feel soft if it’s rare, slightly firmer if medium and very firm if well done. Simon’s Tip! Try not to cut open the steak to check whether it’s cooked through as this allows yummy juices to escape. If you are still concerned, purchase a meat thermometer.

7. Once your steak is cooked, take it off the hot plate & loosely cover with foil to let it rest for at least 2-5 minutes. Resting is almost as important as cooking as it lets the juices settle making the steak more tender.


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