Top 3 Must-Have Xmas Meats


Top 3 Must-have Xmas Meats

#1 Turkeys


A generous plump roasted turkey is a traditional Xmas dish for many countries across the globe, including Australia. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional whole roasted stuff turkey with the classic cranberry sauce, try adding your own twist to this classic—tandoori turkey breast, soy and chilli turkey stir-fry or roasted turkey breast stuffed with prosciutto. Be sure to pre-order your turkeys by 15 December with our butchers to avoid disappointment.


Fresh whole turkeys – size 4 kg and up

Turkey breast (wing joint)   $28.95 kg

Double 5 kg // Single 2.5 kg

Turkey buffet double breast bone on crown (approximately 6 kg)  $18.95 kg


#2 Stuffed Chickens

Roasted stuffed chickens make a great substitute for whole turkeys if you’re short on time. Our butchers will be bringing in tender, juicy chickens this Xmas. Boned and rolled chickens will also be available—just remember to pre-order to avoid disappointment.  Try our homemade stuffing, made from the freshest quality ingredients by the butchers: Cranberry & Chestnut, Traditional and Sage & Onion.


#3 Leg of Lamb

Cooking time and instructions: Cooking time vary based on the size and cut of lamb (rolled, butterflied, bone-in etc.). Make sure to ask one of our friendly butchers for cooking tips when you’re in store as they’ll be more than happy to help!


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