Winter Food Ideas

Winter is approaching and whether you are someone who enjoys warmer weather or embraces the cooler months, we have come up with some Winter food ideas to help you enjoy or cope with the season!


Soups are a great way to warm your core, and they also make a healthy filling meal. Often in Winter it is tempting to dig into comfort foods, which just creates more work for us when Summer comes around again. Soup is meal which can work as both a warm and tasty comfort food and a healthy meal. Check out our blog on Tips for cooking soup for more ideas.

Stews and Slow-Cooked Meals

Stews, curry’s and slow-cooked meals are the perfect dinner time options for the cooler nights. When it comes so slow-cooking meals it doesn’t get much easier, just choose the type of meal you feel like put it all in the slow-cooker and let it do the hard work. These types of meals are wonderful because they are full of flavour and allow for a wide range of variation.


Curry’s are great for entertaining during winter or simply for family meals. They are easy to make larger quantities and mix together well with garnishes, rice and poppadoms to allow a variety of choice when filling your plate. With a wide range of recipes and flavour options, curry’s never become boring or repetitive as a winter meal idea.

Baked Meals

Meals such as cottage pie or carbonara pasta are another easy dinner time option for winter. These are meals which incorporate your protein, starch and vegetables all in the same dish. Making life easier for you! Using the oven is a clean and easy cooking option and it warms up your house!

These are some of our favourite winter food ideas to keep us warm and happy until next summer. Also check out our blog on Fruit and Vegetables for winter!

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