Best Christmas Stocking Fillers: Chocolate in Colourful Tinfoil!


Santa-shaped chocolates wrapped in brightly coloured tinfoil–we only get to give such items once a year making these Christmas novelty items mandatory stocking fillers!  Novelty chocolate pieces make excellent stocking filers. We’re absolutely spoilt for choice this year with our Xmas range, but here are three of our favourite stocking fillers:

#1 Lindt Chocolate Stocking Fillers

Available in Teddy, Santa or classic Christmas Lindor star shapes


#2 Belfine Frosty and Santa Chocolate Pops

…these Christmas icons seem too cute to eat, but we can’t say no to chocolate!


#3  Honey Pecan Chocolate Covered Marshmallow by Baru

We’d love to receive five stocking-fulls of these heavenly marshmallow treats!


Other fun stocking fillers include Pink Lady’s Chocolate Moments, Mozart Twists  Chocolates and lots more. Be sure to drop by our Chapel Hill store in Brisbane for a walk through Christmas candy lane and be spoilt for choice!


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