Christmas Hams, Serving Suggestions & How to Put Together a Cold Meat Platter

Christmas Hams & Serving Suggestions

Handpicked Aussie pork legs, cooked and smoked locally by Gilly’s Smallgoods. All Christmas hams are fully cooked and ready to eat as-is or glaze at home. Serve ham cold (for those hot summer days) with grapes, bread rolls, jarlsberg cheese slices and salads.


Full leg hams on the bone

Whole 7 – 10 kg // Half leg approx. 4 kg

Easy carve hams hock on rest boneless (full leg only)

Boneless leg ham (cut to any size)

Size 2 kg or above

Serve hams with apple sauce, cranberry sauce or Spoonfed Jam’s Ham Jam, a burst of Queensland pineapple and exotic Asian spices. Pre-order your Christmas hams from our Brisbane butcher –Chapel Hill–by 15 December 2012. View our full Christmas Ideas Catalogue here


How to Put Together a Cold Meat Platter

When putting together a cold meat platter, start with crowd favourites as a base for your platter: Hungarian salami, leg ham, double smoked chicken/roast beef/turkey. To add variety, choose prosciutto/parma ham and chorizo. To bulk the platter up, add marinated antipasto, such as kalamata olives, pitted green olives, sun-dried tomatoes and pepperbells, cheeses, crackers and baguette slices.

If you’re lost for choice or short on time, pre-order our Cold Meat Platter from our catering service.

Cold Meat Platter

Small (6 – 8 people) $60   |   Large (12 – 16 people) $115

An assortment of prosciutto, ham, salami, smoked chicken, roast turkey and roast beef

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