How to Eat Pate: Serving Suggestions


Our Top 5 Favourite Serving Suggestions for

“How to Eat Pate”

#1  On French Breads

Spread pate on a slice of baguette. Be sure to have a basketful of baguette slices at the table along few two or three types of pate.


#2  With Cheeses and Dried Fruits

Add a block of pate to your cheese board to bring a twist of complex flavours to the platter.  Pair a small cube of Fresh Fare’s Brandy Port & Sage Pate with your favourite cheese on a cracker, followed with some dried fruit, muscatels or raisins, and nuts.


#3  As a Dip

Pates make fantastic alternatives to dips. Serve with carrot sticks, celery sticks and waterwheel crackers. Try Fresh Chef Foods’ Sage Onion & Bacon Pate and Fresh Fare’s Traditional Pate.


#4  In Salads

Add cubed pate to any fresh green salads. Try Fresh Fare’s Duck & Orange Pate for a twist of citrus gourmet to you summer salads.


#5  On Meats

Add a slice of pate to grilled lamb or beef for that extra kick of texture and flavour. Try Fresh Chef Foods’ Portabello & Grand Marnier pate or Green Peppercorn & Apple Brandy pate on lamb or beef. For the roast turkey, try Fresh Chef Foods’ Cranberries & Dessert Lime Pate.


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