Novelty Christmas Foods: Biscuits, Rocky Road Xmas Tree & More Confectionery!

Festive Christmas Sweet Treats


Spread the Xmas cheer with novelty items such as classic biscuits in decorative tins, Santa-shaped chocopops, chocolates and trinkets in a mug and mini Xmas presents!


Rocky Road Xmas Tree

A centrepiece needs to be inspiring and attractive to draw guests to the table—and this beautiful Rocky Road Xmas Tree fits the criteria of a perfect centrepiece with its dreamlike sculpture of puff marshmallows covered in fine chocolate!  This Australian handmade Rocky Road marshmallow Xmas tree is available in two sizes: 500g and 1kg


Elsa’s Story Biscuits

Beautiful homestyle cookies, Elsa’ Story Biscuits come in a wide range of flavours and festive packaging to complement your gift pack. A wide range of novelty Christmas cookies are also available at our Chapel Hill deli.


Fine Chocolates: Duc d’O, Chocolatier & Lindt


12 Days of Christmas

Meltingly delicious handcrafted vanilla fudge and butter toffee by Gardiners of Scotland, an award-winning Scottish family-run business. These 12 Days of Christmas fudge tins make wonderful keepsakes.


Simon’s Guide to Xmas

For more Xmas food and entertaining inspiration, pick up our Xmas Order Guide in-store or download it from our Xmas page.


Homemade Chocolate Truffles, Rum Balls and White Christmas Slices

Best Christmas Stocking Fillers

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