Xmas Ice-creams, Classic Christmas Puddings and Handmade Christmas Cakes


 Limited Edition Christmas Ice-cream Flavours by Lick Ice-cream

Don’t miss out on these limited edition Xmas flavours: Scorched Almond & Brandy and Gingerbread. Perfect with your favourite Xmas puddings, cakes, biccies, espressos and coffee liqueurs.  We reckon a generous scoop of  Scorched Almond & Brandy topped with a shot of Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur makes a quick Xmas dessert perfect for the adults’ table!

Lick Ice-cream is also available in three classic flavours: Vanilla Bean, Couverture Dark Chocolate (Lick’s most popular flavour) and Strawberries & Cream

For a kid friendly dessert, serve up some warm apple pie with a generous scoop of Lick’s Vanilla Bean ice-cream and Maleny Vanilla Custard.

Lick Ice-Creams Xmas Special & Classic Flavours     1 litre $14.95 ea



Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lady

Regarded as Australia’s finest Xmas Puddings, Xmas Pudding by Newcastle’s Pudding Lady is famous for its traditional and classic Xmas Pudding—handmade and wrapped, tied and boiled in pudding cloth. Made with only the finest dried fruits, fresh eggs, full strength Australian brandy, Australian sugar, locally made pure butter, real Australian fresh orange juice and peel.


Handmade Christmas Cakes

This Handmade Christmas Cake is one of the store’s classics products every Xmas! Here are a few unconventional ways to enjoy this Handmade Christmas Cake:

Crumble Christmas Cake over soft ice-cream, fold in and re-freeze for a Christmas Cake ice-cream—yum! We recommend using Lick Ice-cream’s Vanilla Bean or Scorched Almond & Brandy ice-cream.

Make a Xmas trifle! Line a deep glass bowl with Christmas Cake slices (cut to about 1 cm-thick), douse with liquor (try brandy, rum or port), top with Maleny Vanilla Custard. Repeat layers until bowl is full. Refrigerate for at least an hour for trifle to set.


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