Gluten Free – Muesli

Brookfarm Muesli


The popular Brookfarm muesli range is also available in store in these Gluten free varieties…

  • Apricot & Apple 350g
  • Apricot & Apple 1kg
  • Cranberry 350g
  • Cranberry 1kg
  • Power Porrij 400g
  • Bircher Muesli 400g
  • Muesli Bars 4pkt

The Gluten Free selections of this range are the Macadamia Muesli with Apricots & Apples and the Macadamia Muesli with Cranberry’s.

Real Good Foods

Real Good Foods produce a great range of certified organic & wholefood products in Australia. Simon’s stocks the following healthy, Gluten Free breakfast options:

  • Toasted Cereal Topping 320g
  • Organic High Protein Mix 280g
  • Organic Natural Muesli 475g

Byron Bay Muesli

The multiple award winning Byron Bay Muesli range comes with no added nasties, is absolutely additive free, delicious and healthy! Simon’s stocks their Macadamia Muesli Fruit & Nut in a 350g packet, which is just bursting with flavour!

Whisk & Pin

Whisk & Pin are passionate about the handmade gorgeous gourmet foods that they produce. They never cut corners, nor do they compromise on the wholesome quality of their ingredients. Light and delicious, Whisk & Pin Gluten Free Muesli has been specially blended for those intolerant to gluten and wheat products. Wonderful dried oranges, granny smith apples and strawberries are hand mixed with almonds and hazelnuts for a stunning taste sensation. This muesli is bursting with flavour, looks beautiful and is both healthy and satisfying.

Food for Health

Food for Health is a company founded by Naturopath Narelle Plapp. Food for Health is focused on making great foods for parents and kids to support people with specific dietary issues and designed to improve your health. Simon’s stocks the following Gluten Free products from Food for Health:

  • Kids Little Bites (Chocolate/Banana)
  • Kids Yoghurt Bites (Strawberry)

Kapai Puku

Kapai Puku is a company founded on the power of natural medicine and healthy diets. Their Original Blend Muesli contains raw ingredients with no fillers and raisins as the only fruit. This meal provides almost one third of your daily intake per serve. The muesli helps to cleanse and exfoliate your digestive tract and provide your body with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Simon’s stocks Kapai Puku’s Original Blend Muesli in two sizes:

  • 450g
  • 1kg

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