Gluten Free – Savoury

Byron Bay Chilli Company

gefgfd   Another favourite brand at Simon’s is the Bryon Bay Chilli Company. What began in the Byron Bay hinterland nearly twenty years ago is now a world famous range of chilli sauce, corn chips and salsas. Their Gluten Free Corn Chips are scrumptious!

  • Corn Chips 230g

Piranha Vege Crackers


Piranha’s passion for creating unique snack foods using natural ingredients has gained a large following due to their delicious flavour. Simon’s stocks the following options:

Sweet Chilli & Lime 100g

Honey Soy 100g

Cobbs – Popcorn


Cob’s popcorn is made with the intention of being a healthy treat for kids! Their products are made with only the purest ingredients through traditional cooking methods. Here is their savoury selection of Gluten Free Popcorn!

  • Seasalt 80g
  • Butter 100g
  • Coco Crunch 125g
  • Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet 120g




Eskal are dedicated to providing consumers with quality and variety. Their gluten free products are successfully screened at every production run against the world’s strictest levels for gluten testing. Simon’s stocks their Deli Crackers Original 200g!




For a tasty treat, Jen’s savoury Handmade Cookies are also Gluten Free. Her recipes have been artfully created to ensure each product is full of taste! Simon’s stocks the following savoury products:

  • Cheese & Chives Dippers 180g
  • Chilli Dippers 180g

Luke’s Organic


A man who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when he was a child founded Luke’s Organic. Since then he has decided to create a Gluten Free snack that tastes delicious! Here are the Gluten Free Crackers that Simon’s stocks:

  • Sea Salt Crackers 100g
  • Chai Seed Crackers 100g

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