Beef and Veal

At Simons our butchers handle only the best quality beef and veal. Choose from Stockhaven beef, Stockyard Wagyu, or Barcoo.  Whether its beef or veal, have them in various cuts including diced , strips, T-bone, rump, ribfillet, mince in premium and lean. Real veal chops, fillets, cutlets, racks, Osso Bucco and crumbed veal schnitzels are also available.



Stockhaven Beef

From ‘paddock to plate’, combining his passion for farming and food, Glenn brings the best of his Angus Cross cattle to Simon’s.  Glenn’s free-range cattle are cared for on a 110 acre farm named Stockhaven, just out of Gympie.  Throughout their life, the cattle are fed on a rising plane of nutrition and handled in a stress-free environment which guarantees tenderness, so you can be sure to receive absolute quality when you purchase Glenn’s Stockhaven Beef.


Stockyard Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu beef comes from Stockyard, one of Australia’s leading award-winning Wagyu beef exporters.

Easily identifiable through its heavily marbled characteristics, thus its alternative name for ‘white’ beef, Wagyu is tender, juicy and has a rich unique taste.

Wagyu is high in nutrients and healthy (unsaturated) fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are said to defend the body from Alzheimer’s, heart disease and arthritis.

To get the most out of Wagyu, pan-sear or prepare as steak tartar.


Barcoo Beef

Barcoo premium steaks are of the highest quality and are one of the top choices by restaurants around Australia for Barcoo’s tenderness and flavour.

Barcoo beef is free-range and its quality is kept consistent throughout the year.



Veal  has a velvety texture and is tender and succulent. Veal has been an important ingredient in many traditional Italian and French cuisines and is low in fat compared to beef. Simons puts out only the top quality veal from our Highchester supplier.





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