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Cocoa Centric Rocky Road FREE Taste Testing Event

Thursday, October 11th, 2012


Simon’s Gourmet Gallery boutique deli grocer, Chapel Hill will be having a free taste testing event featuring Rocky Road delights by Cocoa Centric.

The Cocoa Centric has taken a sophisticated take on an Australian favourite–Rocky Road. Made with divine couverture Swiss chocolate and a heavenly mix of Turkish delight, nuts, fruits and marshmallows.  Available milk, dark (bittersweet) and white chocolate.

Come along to our FREE taste testing event this Saturday, 13 October 2012, from 10am – 1pm* at our Brisbane gourmet grocer deli store to try the Cocoa Centric Rocky Road.

Visit the Cocoa Centric website to find out more about their Swiss couverture Rocky Road delights.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download


*Taste testing event times may be subjected to changed without prior notice by the organizers

Simon’s Gourmet Gallery Celebrates Ten Years at Chapel Hill

Thursday, June 21st, 2012


Yes—it has been ten years since Simon’s first opened in Chapel Hill as some customers had playfully insisted otherwiseWe celebrated our 10th birthday on the 16th of June in fashion of our passion for food, having an open day of taste tests, bringing in boutique and family-owned food merchants, to add a touch of gourmet into everyone’s Saturday.

Thankfully, the weather was on our side–as it was cloudy and rainy the Saturday before. We started off the day with a fresh fruit platter followed up by biscuits from Mamma Marilena’s kitchen.


Mamma was popular with the crowd with her sweet demeanour and display of enthusiasm for her products. Mamma Marilena herself was in store to generously offer everyone a taste of her biscuits, macaroons and nut bread. She proudly exclaimed her nut bread won Best Bakery Product at Fine Foods Australia 2009. Well done, Mamma!

Over at the deli section, we had a nibble at Brubecks Boutique Foods homemade, preservative-free dips, which got everyone picking at the basil & parmesan, whipped feta & beet and roast vegetable dips—yum!

The butchers added to the festive feast with their favourite party finger food—Italian meatballs, sausage rolls, classic meatballs and sausages—all prepped by the butchers and cooked on the spot but our amazing kitchen crew.

Just as we thought we were about to go into a food coma, Carina, co-founder of Lick ice-cream set up her gourmet Dry Roasted Cinammon ice-cream, a flavour especially created for the cool season, up for a taste test. Some say that Lick’s ice-cream should just lose the ‘ice’ and be called ‘cream’ instead due to its smooth, creamy texture. Here’s a little trivia for you, chatting with Carina on the day, we found out that she started the business with her brother, who is a qualified chef. They even create customised flavours for restaurants to match their menus—how cool is that!


Not to be left behind, the deli put up a beautiful party platter to amp up the festivity. Smoked Dutch beef, ham, prosciutto, three-milk cheese, which was a hit with cheese lovers—a cheese made of goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and cow’s milk), camembert, double smoked chicken, chorizo and plenty more…We spotted a few people coming back for thirds!

Steve from Pukara Estate of the Hunter Valley treated customers to a gourmet selection of flavoured oils and balsamic vinegars—think fig infused balsamic, lemon infused olive oil—with traditional dukkah and Turkish bread.


Just at the entrance/exit of the café, for those people who thought they made it out of the food taste tests maze, there was Debbie from OMG It’s Gluten Free, a family-owned business, who put up pistachio, chocolate and berry cakes up for tasting—and they tasted absolutely divine…you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there wasn’t any gluten in them.

The taste tests open day came to an end at 4pm, with the ballot box full of entries for the *$500 shopping spree at Simon’s. It was a big day for all of us at Simon’s—filled with food and nostalgia. Here’s to another 10 years of building memories together!


Special mention:

Halfway into the day, we had a pleasant surprise…Glenn, owner of Simon’s, pointed out that our first ever customer, Ann Holt, who walked through the doors ten years ago was in store! Intrigued and excited, we rushed up to Ann for a chat.

Picture: Glenn Brown and Ann Holt

We asked Ann what brings her back to Simon’s throughout the years.Her reply:

Oh, the customer service definitely…I get all my gourmet speciality products here…Simon’s has gone from strength to strength…so they must be doing something right all these years.”

We were over the moon to hear such kind and encouraging words. Thanks, Ann! What a privilege it was to meet you on the day.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers—whether you have been shopping with us since day one, or newly acquainted over the weekend—from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your support.

Congratulations to Simon’s Gourmet Gallery customer, Chris Byrne. Her name was randomly chosen from 100s of customers who participated in our lucky draw on our birthday open day. Chris won a $500 shopping spree at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery.

Thank you to everyone who participated on the day! Stay on top of future competitions and specials by following us on our Simon’s Gourmet Gallery Facebook page.



A Shift in the Life of a Fruit and Vegetable Manager at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Welcome to our ever first ‘a shift in the life of…’ article. A shift in a life goes behind the scenes at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery and takes us through a typical day as a member of the Simon’s family. To kick-off a string of insightful stories through the eyes of our team members is Renee, our Fruit and Vegetable Manager at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery in Chapel Hill. Renee has been with Simon’s for over a year. She shares her stories on working in the best workstation in Simon’s during summer, breaking records, onion tears, the January flood and things that could go wrong on a bad day.

Take us through a typical day as Renee

While some of you are still dreaming away in the comfort of your beds I arrive at work for a 6am start, which I don’t mind at all as I miss all the peak hour traffic! I start my morning ‘shopping’ by going through all the fruit and veg, removing any produce that isn’t gourmet standard so that when you arrive to do your shopping you can easily pick the best!



I am greeted by a wonderful delivery of fresh flowers at 6.15am, which I arrange on our flower stand at the store’s entrance—this is one of many highlights of my day! At 7am I greet the morning cashier girl and begin to make a list of all the preparation I have to do to fill up the fridge for the day’s trade.

Many of you may not know this, but Simons has a downstairs area. This is where all my wonderful fruit boys spend a good 50 percent of their time chopping away to make our prepared packs such as Asian/Ultimate Stir Fry mixes, Roast Veg packs and Gourmet Morrocan packs. I lightly refer to downstairs as ‘the dungeon’ as it’s very cold in winter because it’s actually a fridge that we work in! Don’t worry it’s a blessing come summer as we have the best workstation in all of Simons! From 7 til 8.30am I am in ‘the dungeon’. I start off by wrapping our fresh delivered bread, which I then pass this on to our cashiers to label and to put on display, followed by filling up all the fridge produce.


I then move on to another highlight, Fruit Snacks! The reason they’re a highlight is because we must taste the fruit pieces so that we know they taste fantastic. I must admit sometimes I have to taste twice just to be sure! I then clean down my station and take all of my fruit and vegetable goodies upstairs to label. Just before it’s 8.30am, I send through my milk and flowers order and before we know it, the truck is back from the produce markets, then it’s all hands on deck to get the stock from the Simons aircon truck into our large fridge!


Between 10am -12pm we take turns to have our breakfast/lunch breaks and start our prep work for the butchers and the café—yes, don’t let the butchers fool you, it is actually the fruit and veg department that slaves away prepping their beans, capsicums and onions. We aim for 20 bags of onions every two days, which weigh a kilo each, so in one week we chop up over 60 kilos of onions—that’s a lot of tears!

During our prep time we designate one person to be our lookout, they check on the fruit and veg levels upstairs and fill up produce when needed so we don’t run out of any stock! Once all the prepping of vegetables for the butchers is complete, we move on to our café buckets. Some days we have to peel and core apples and pears, and on other days we have to peel buckets of onions—more crying! It’s all in good fun though as we set up races.

The end of the shift rolls around and we start to tidy up, throw out our boxes and clean up our stations. We do one final check of the store to make sure it’s fully stocked before handing the shift over to our night fruit person who completes some extra prep tasks and maintains the produce levels.

Most memorable experience at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery

I will never forget the January floods. Although I was stuck out on the isle of B-Town, other Simon’s staff members who could get to work made the effort to work extra shifts, and even when we could not open due to the floods, Simon’s staff members turned up to give a helping hand. Coming back after two weeks, everyone was so much closer, not just the Simon’s team but our loyal customers too. Your stories helped us to see the brighter side and to be thankful the water only reached the 15th step! I remember two days before we opened we had no power, we started to put out basics like biscuits and pantry items, a lady came in and was so thankful that we were ‘trading’ even though we had no power, a delivery man gave us our first order free of charge and other people were popping in just to have a chat and to see how we were bouncing back. That was the day I realised how important my job was.

What could go wrong on a bad day? How would you cope with a bad day?

*ring ring*

“Good morning Simon’s Gourmet Gallery, Renee speaking. How may I help you?”

“Renee, it’s me…I’m not feeling too well this morning…” that’s how it starts…man down, man down, and with no one to fill the ranks, it makes for an extra hardworking day! But this only happens every once in a blue moon though—thanks goodness!

Some days we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, days when every box on our to-do list is ticked, orders fly in left right and centre, “Milk’s here, flowers are here, there’s a man on line one asking for your honey order!” How do I cope with this? I take a deep breath and think “Annie delivered a baby, you can do this!” Luckily these days don’t happen too often because I have my strength and my rock and a bit of sunshine followed by some wise words!


What do you love most about your job?

I love how much the customers love to see us. It’s nice to know they are excited to come out and shop with us and see how we are going! It’s nice to wake up and think “I wonder who I’ll see at work today” instead of thinking “oh I have to go to work”.



Homemade stir-fry range by our Brisbane butchers

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

We know how time consuming prepping can be, so our Brisbane butchers took the opportunity to do the messy stuff for you! At Simon’s we have a variety of prepped stir-fries ready to be thrown into a wok! Choose from basil pesto rump, Thai coriander beer, beer stroganoff pan ready, Greek lamb, Moroccan lamb, Thai lemon, lime and chilli, nutty chicken, and more! Pop by your nearest Simon’s butcher to check out our extensive stir-fry range.

Beef and Veal

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

At Simons our butchers handle only the best quality beef and veal. Choose from Stockhaven beef, Stockyard Wagyu, or Barcoo.  Whether its beef or veal, have them in various cuts including diced , strips, T-bone, rump, ribfillet, mince in premium and lean. Real veal chops, fillets, cutlets, racks, Osso Bucco and crumbed veal schnitzels are also available.



Stockhaven Beef

From ‘paddock to plate’, combining his passion for farming and food, Glenn brings the best of his Angus Cross cattle to Simon’s.  Glenn’s free-range cattle are cared for on a 110 acre farm named Stockhaven, just out of Gympie.  Throughout their life, the cattle are fed on a rising plane of nutrition and handled in a stress-free environment which guarantees tenderness, so you can be sure to receive absolute quality when you purchase Glenn’s Stockhaven Beef.


Stockyard Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu beef comes from Stockyard, one of Australia’s leading award-winning Wagyu beef exporters.

Easily identifiable through its heavily marbled characteristics, thus its alternative name for ‘white’ beef, Wagyu is tender, juicy and has a rich unique taste.

Wagyu is high in nutrients and healthy (unsaturated) fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are said to defend the body from Alzheimer’s, heart disease and arthritis.

To get the most out of Wagyu, pan-sear or prepare as steak tartar.


Barcoo Beef

Barcoo premium steaks are of the highest quality and are one of the top choices by restaurants around Australia for Barcoo’s tenderness and flavour.

Barcoo beef is free-range and its quality is kept consistent throughout the year.



Veal  has a velvety texture and is tender and succulent. Veal has been an important ingredient in many traditional Italian and French cuisines and is low in fat compared to beef. Simons puts out only the top quality veal from our Highchester supplier.





Hormone and steroid free chicken

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The Brisbane butchers at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery, Chapel Hill,  source poultry from only the finest local Aussie chicken farmers. Simon carries barn-raised chooks that are hormone and steroid free. Chicken meat is high iron, vitamins, chicken meat is a common source of protein and is high vitamins and minerals.

At Simons,  we sell your everyday chicken cuts from thighs and breastfillets, to wings, legs, diced, strips and even large whole chickens. We also have a wide range of prepped chicken meat ready to popped into the oven, on the grill, or on the pan. We have kebabs in different flavours, including honey soy, lemon and garlic, and satay. Try our BBQ butterfly chicken in a variety of flavours such as sun-dried tomato and basil, rivermint, and Thai lemon and chilli.


Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Simons butchers are proud to bring only the best quality pork with a 10mm score fat. Our pork comes from Darling Downs in Southern Queensland. Pork is an excellent source of vitamin B, protein and minerals.

At Simons, we have a variety of pork cuts, including cutlets, diced pork, stripped pork, pork chops, racks, spareribs and pork roast with or without bone. We also have prepped pork, ready for cooking,  such as bacon hocks and rashes, lemon and mustard pork cutlets, pork crackler roast, ultimate crackle roasted in lemon, salt and pepper, and  Portuguese pork rack.