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Autumn Food Ideas

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Autumn is an exciting season for food, we have the warmth of Summer yet the coolness of Winter is just around the corner. What this means is that we can start dividing our meals up with delicious recipes that compliment both warmer and cooler seasons. Read on for our favourite Autumn Food Ideas.

Plums are beautiful during Christmas but luckily for us, they are one of the later stonefruits meaning they hang around til early Autumn. Take advantage of this before they are gone til next Summer. Why not make a plum jam to brighten your morning breakfast, serve plums pieces with rocket and feta as a side salad for lunch or our favourite; give apple crumble a twist and use plums instead. Yum!

When the months get cooler, we tend to turn on our ovens and warm up our homes. We love baking biscuits and muffins for an early morning or afternoon snack taking advantage of Autumn produce like fruits and nuts.Watch movie online Rings (2017)

Casseroles and stews are perfect for the cooler nights, not to mention, cooking with a slow-cooker is one of the easiest meals to prepare! Simple chicken, tasty beef to delicious lamb shanks, slow cooked meals will satisfy all around the dinner table. Not only are they easy to make, taste great, use a great range of vegetables as well as use cheaper cuts of meat which is nice for the weekly budget.

Autumn is the beginning of soup season which means the ever-favourite pumpkin soup is upon us! Don’t stop there though, we love pumpkin in casseroles, roasted or in a salad.

These are just some of our favourite Autumn food ideas. What’s your favourite Autumn dish?


Fruit and Vegetables for Autumn

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Feed yourself well in autumn and get your hands on the best fruit and vegetables in autumn. Read on to find out more in our fruit and vegetables for autumn guide.

*Please note this is a guide only as climate changes play a significant role in produce availability. Feel free to call our store to ask about a product, or if you have any special request for an unusual product.

What dishes do you create with your favourite fruit and vegetables for autumn? Tell us on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!