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Free Dancing Bean coffee all day, Tuesday 13th March 2012

Thursday, March 8th, 2012


New coffee range, same friendly baristas

We are excited to announce that Simon’s Gourmet Gallery’s cafe in Chapel Hill will be introducing a new range of flavours and aromas from Dancing Bean Espresso to our avid coffee drinkers. As we take our coffee as seriously as you do, our passionate baristas will be undergoing additional intensive coffee training over the next few days to add to their existing coffee knowledge. They’ll be learning how to work on our new coffee machines and learn how to handle our new range of premium coffee beans to ensure that they get the best out of each pull.

Why the coffee changeover?

Some people may not have heard of Dancing Bean Espresso (brownie points if you have!) and may wonder why we have decided to switch from our previous coffee supplier Segafredo Zanetti, an international brand, to boutique coffee roaster Dancing Bean Espresso…so here’s our story:

Being a wholly Australian owned company, based in Brisbane, we wanted to share our humble success, which we have enjoyed over the past decade, with other local businesses who take pride in what they do.  We found locally established Dancing Bean coffee to be a perfect fit as we both share a passion for offering premium quality food products to our customers. We felt that we could relate to Dancing Bean as both of our companies had entered the food industry scene in Brisbane around the same time, flourished over the years, hit a few bumps along the way, yet we still feel as passionately about our businesses as we did 10 years ago–keeping it true to its roots.

Getting to know Dancing Bean coffee

Dancing Bean coffee is roasted and blended daily in its boutique roaster in Banyo, on the north side of Brisbane. Dancing Bean coffee was established in 1999 by Robert Mergard, an enthusiastic coffee lover who felt passionate about having control over the blend and the coffee roasting process, handling only the highest graded coffee beans. Dancing Bean has won awards at the 2011/2012 Golden Bean Awards, which attracted over 1,200 entrants from around the world.

In celebration of our new partnership with Dancing Bean coffee, we are hosting a coffee launch this coming Tuesday, 13th March 2012 at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery cafe in Chapel Hill and will be serving up free coffee throughout the day. Don’t be shy, do drop by–we love seeing familiar and new faces at our cafe, and be sure to invite your friends and family. Come meet Rob and our friendly baristas, and enjoy free Dancing Bean coffee throughout the day.


Still curious about Dancing Bean coffee? Find out more on their website .