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How to cook perfect fried eggs

Friday, November 18th, 2011

This week we’re sharing some cooking tips from one of our chefs from Simon’s Gourmet Gallery in Chapel Hill. In this post, we’re putting up our chefs’  tips on how to cook perfect fried eggs.




How to fry perfect eggs:

1. Coat pan in oil and heat

2. Make sure the pan is hot

3. Use only fresh organic eggs


Our chefs are big on using only organic eggs when preparing our café meals and Take Home Meals. One of our chefs explains that you can really see the difference between cooking with organic eggs and caged eggs–the yolks of organic eggs are a brighter yellow, whereas caged eggs have pale looking yolks. He reckons it may be because caged chickens are under stress, affecting the quality of the eggs.

Organic eggs tend to hold their shape better when you crack them  into a pan, as oppose to caged eggs (picture below) that don’t hold their shape as well.


Now these are organic eggs  (below) …notice how the yolks are brighter, more yellow, and the yolks and whites hold their shape better.

And that’s all there is to it to cooking the perfect fried eggs.

Below is a picture of our perfectly fried organic eggs with crisp bacon and tomato.

If you’re not too keen on cooking them yourself, let us do the cooking for you! Come on over to our Brisbane café in Chapel Hill to enjoy some bacon and eggs with a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple and orange juice on this lovely summer’s day.

Stay tuned for upcoming home cooking tips from our kitchen at Simon’s Gourmet Gallery! If you have any cooking queries, feel free to tell us on our Facebook page and we’ll try our best to put up a tutorial for you!