With so many advantages over natural grass, it is no wonder that artificial grass for sale is rapidly gaining popularity around the country. Climate conditions, the rising cost of landscape maintenance, and increased environmental awareness are just some of the factors driving its popularity. Homeowners are now turning to higher-quality rolls of artificial grass to maintain their lawns permanently. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered or fertilized, so you can enjoy its beautiful green appearance at any time of year.

Some types of artificial grass for sale have built-in UV resistance to maintain their color over a long period of time. These are made from polyethylene and polypropylene yarns with a durable, polypropylene backing. The pile on these rugs is 1.38 inches, which is soft enough for kids to play on while being sturdy enough to stand up to high-energy activities.

artificial grass for sale

Prices for artificial grass for sale vary widely. While most artificial grass is available in flat square feet, some varieties may be irregularly shaped and require additional edging. In general, 10%-20% of artificial grass material is wasted during turf projects. This waste amount will be higher if your yard is not square, oval, or round. If you are concerned about weeds growing through the synthetic turf, you can purchase a weed barrier fabric. It costs $90 for 1,500 square feet.

If you have experience in DIY projects, you may consider installing the artificial grass yourself. Some companies include instructions for DIY installation. If you don’t have time or know-how, however, it is best to hire a professional. Make sure to prepare the surface and base of the area where you plan to install artificial grass. If you don’t have a professional installation team, it is best to purchase artificial grass for sale that’s been professionally installed.

Some artificial grasses come with built-in UV protection. This prevents the grass fibers from breaking down under sun exposure. If you live in an area that gets intense sunlight for long periods of time, you may want to consider an artificial grass with built-in UV protection. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grasses are durable and easy to clean. In addition, pets don’t like to walk on it, so it’s important to purchase artificial grass that’s pet-friendly.

Despite the low price of artificial grass, it’s important to consider how much maintenance it requires. Some types of synthetic grass require routine disinfection and cleaning. Fortunately, there are special cleaning products available for your artificial grass. Not only does it look nice and add greenery to a home or apartment, but it also saves water if you live in an arid climate.