This compact fridge or freezer weighs only 8.6kg and is easy to load into any car. Its dual semi-recessed grips allow you to easily lift it up and place it flush against a corner, saving you from the need for a fridge slide. You can even put it in the trunk of your car or carry it in your hand, so you can avoid wasting precious cargo space on a flimsy unit.

The 15l capacity of this portable fridge or freezer is an ideal size for camping and short trips. Its small size and easy portability make it ideal for beach picnics, camping, and BBQ lunches. Even if you plan to watch a movie while enjoying your picnic, you’ll be glad you have a fridge with you. Its compact size is ideal for any outdoor activity – a picnic, dinner by the beach, or a barbecue lunch on the beach will all be better with a portable refrigerator.

A camping fridge freezer is ideal for week-long expeditions, but you don’t have to spend a week on your trip to use it. With its 15L capacity and high-quality compressor, the 15l Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer will be the perfect choice for day trips, picnics, and entertaining friends in the car. These compact units are also equipped with a hose, so they can be used while camping, and for any outdoor activity.

Although it’s not the best unit on the market, it’s still a solid piece of kit and worth the price. It has dual compartments and can run down to -20degC. There are also solar-powered models, which are fairly energy-efficient and come with insulating covers and slide-out drawers for easy access to your food. And you can always use one for a meat freezer if needed.

15 L brass monkey portable fridge or freezer is easy to use and transport. It weighs only 8.6kg and measures 60cm x 32cm x 26cm. It is easy to lift, and the dual semi-recessed handles allow it to be flushed against a corner. There is also a solar panel on the front, which can be positioned in a convenient spot.

The capacity of a fridge depends on the temperature it can be set to and the ambient air temperature. Some fridges are also equipped with 3 stage low voltage protection, which turns off the fridge when the battery power goes down. However, there are many additional features to consider when deciding which portable fridge or freezer to purchase. A good quality model will last for many years. The best option for camping is a versatile and inexpensive option.